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Table 1 Summary of the samples analyzed

From: Mineralogy and crystallography of some Itokawa particles returned by the Hayabusa asteroidal sample return mission

Sample name RA-QD02-0036 RA-QD02-0041 RA-QD02-0049-2 RA-QD02-0100 RA-QD02-0133-1 RA-QD02-0138 RA-QD02-0179
Size (μm) 47.4 88.6 149.4 29 53 49 50
PE or new? PE PE PE New New New New
Sample form Polished section Polished section Mounted on glass fiber Polished section Polished section Polished section Polished section
Methods OM, SEM, EPMA, SR-XRD, and Raman OM, SEM, EPMA, SR-XRD, and Raman SR-XRD OM, SEM, EPMA, and SR-XANES OM, SEM, EPMA, SR-XANES, and Raman OM, SEM, and EPMA OM, SEM, and EPMA
Shock stage S2 S2 - S2 S2 S2 S2
Present phases Olivine, plagioclase Olivine, plagioclase Olivine Plagioclase, olivine Olivine, plagioclase, (Ca phosphate) Olivine, (chromite) Olivine
  1. PE, studied by the preliminary examination team; OM, optical microscopy; SEM, scanning electron microscopy; EPMA, electron probe micro-analyzer; SR-XRD, synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction; Raman, Raman spectrometry; SR-XANES, synchrotron radiation iron X-ray absorption near-edge structure.