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A correction to Bahr’s phase deviation” method for tensor decomposition

Earth, Planets and Space201451:BF03351575

Received: 9 November 1998

Accepted: 12 April 1999

Published: 20 June 2014


For models having moderate departures from the basic distortion model (from the so called “principal superim-position” model, that is where local three-dimensional and regional two-dimensional structures are superimposed) a special tensor decomposition method (the so called phase deviation method) was suggested by Bahr (1991). As far as we know, this technique has never got a wide field application in the field. In a careful examination of the suggested solution, an error was observed in the original derivation of the formulas. In this paper Bahr’s (1991) solution is corrected. Using the new equations, more understandable and interpretable results are obtained, as it is illustrated on synthetic examples.


Original SolutionImpedance TensorTensor DecompositionSuggested SolutionOriginal Derivation