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Preliminary report on the Sanyi-Puli seismic zone conductivity anomaly and its correlation with velocity structure and seismicity in the Northwestern Taiwan

Earth, Planets and Space201452:BF03351649

  • Received: 5 November 1999
  • Accepted: 25 March 2000
  • Published:


As part of seismotectonic investigations in Northwestern Taiwan, eight magnetotelluric (MT) soundings were conducted across the Sanyi-Puli seismic zone, a distinct NW-SE trending linear seismic zone in the fold-thrust belt of Northwestern Taiwan. A preliminary one-dimensional resistivity model according to the determinant MT response was computed, and the resistivity model includes a high-conductivity anomaly beneath this seismic zone. This conductivity anomaly raises the possibility of metamorphic dehydration triggering the seismic events in the seismic zone. The correlation between the conductivity anomaly and active seismicity in this area is tentatively discussed in this study.


  • Apparent Resistivity
  • Seismic Zone
  • Magnetotelluric Data
  • Western Foothill
  • Conrad Discontinuity