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Balloon-borne resonance fluorescence instrument for in-situ measurement of atomic oxygen: Simultaneous measurement with ozone at 38–44 km

  • Nobuyuki Takegawa1Email author,
  • Naomoto Iwagami1 and
  • Masahiro Okabayashi2
Earth, Planets and Space201452:BF03351668

Received: 12 August 1999

Accepted: 8 August 2000

Published: 20 June 2014


A balloon-borne resonance fluorescence instrument for in-situ measurement of atomic oxygen (O(3P)) was developed and its performance was characterized based upon numerical simulations and laboratory tests. A simultaneous measurement of O(3P) and ozone (O3) in the upper stratosphere was carried out onboard a high altitude balloon launched from Sanriku (39°N, 142°E), Japan on 9 September 1997. O3 was measured on the same balloon by the solar UV absorption technique. The measured density ratios [O(3P)]/[O3] at altitudes 38–44 km were found to be consistent with the calculated within the experimental uncertainties, although a systematic discrepancy was found above 41 km. It was difficult to make a detailed discussion about this discrepancy due to the insufficient precision and accuracy.


OzoneSolar Zenith AngleThick Solid CurveBalloon ExperimentCalibration Lamp