Open Access

Existence of finite rigidity layer at the base of the Earth’s liquid outer core inferred from anomalous splitting of normal modes

Earth, Planets and Space201454:BF03351717

Received: 25 June 2001

Accepted: 4 January 2002

Published: 20 June 2014


We calculate normal modes for the Earth model, which has a slight rigidity layer at the base of the liquid outer core. We show that such a layer with thickness about 40 km and the shear wave velocity of 0.017 km/sec can produce a normal mode, which has a close eigenfrequency to that of liquid core model, without affecting fundamental modes and most of the higher modes. Our results indicate that the thin finite rigidity layer at the base of the outer core might explain the anomalous splitting of the Earth’s normal modes, which has not been fully explained by the anisotropy in the inner core.