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A plasmaspheric cavity resonance in a longitudinally non-uniform plasmasphere

Earth, Planets and Space201455:BF03351751

  • Received: 20 December 2002
  • Accepted: 3 April 2003
  • Published:


Power spectra of a plasmaspheric cavity resonance (strictly, a plasmaspheric virtual resonance) in a longitudinally non-uniform plasmasphere are calculated. It is shown that the spectra depend on longitude. Therefore, a cavity resonance mode can have local time depending spectra when the plasmasphere is non-uniform in a longitudinal direction. This fact concludes that the local time dependent peak frequencies of the mid- and low-latitude Pi2 pulsations discussed by Kosaka et al. (2002) are also explained by the cavity resonance model. We also discuss that the surface eigenmode can be a possible generation mechanism for Pi2 pulsations localized in a longitudinal direction.

Key words

  • Pi2 pulsation
  • non-uniform plasmasphere
  • cavity resonance