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Tsunami run-up heights of the 2004 off the Kii peninsula earthquakes

  • Nobuaki Koike11Email author,
  • Tomoyuki Takahashi21,
  • Kentaro Imai21,
  • Yuichiro Tanioka31,
  • Yuichi Nishimura31,
  • Kenji Harada41,
  • Shingo Suzuki41,
  • Koji Fujima51,
  • Yoshinori Shigihara51,
  • Yuichi Namegaya61 and
  • Shunichi Koshimura71
Earth, Planets and Space201457:BF03351808

Received: 30 November 2004

Accepted: 25 February 2005

Published: 20 June 2014


A tsunami height survey was conducted immediately after the 2004 off the Kii peninsula earthquakes. Results of the survey show that the largest tsunami height was about 4.6 m locally at Kiho-cho, Mie prefecture. Numerical simulation of the tsunami due to the earthquake was carried out using the model parameters estimated by NIED. The distribution pattern of the observed tsunami heights along the coast cannot be explained by the computed heights, because the model equation is linear long-wave theory and the run-up computations with a finer grid system are not included in this simulation. In order to explain tsunami run-up heights, it is necessary that the non-linear and run-up computation model should be used with a finer grid system.

Key words

The 2004 off the Kii peninsula earthquakestsunami height surveytsunami numerical simulation