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Behavior of fluorine and chlorine in volcanic ash of Sakurajima volcano, Japan in the sequence of its eruptive activity


At Sakurajima volcano, strombolian eruptions forerun vulcanian explosions, and volcanian explosions are often followed by continuous ash eruptions. Change in the mode of its eruptive activity is drastic and release of volatiles from magma corresponding to its eruptive activity is examined by determination of fluorine and chlorine in volcanic ash. The F contents of all the ash samples are markedly higher than the arithmetic mean value of Japanese volcanic rocks (ca. 300 μg/g). Further, the water-soluble Cl contents of almost all the ash samples are also extremely higher than those of Japanese volcanic rocks (less than 50 μg/g). This is attributed to fixation of F and Cl in hot gas onto the volcanic ash particles in the crater and/or eruption plumes. The differences in those contents among the “strombolian eruption”-, “vulcanian explosion”- and “continuous ash eruption” groups are significant, which implies that hot gas rich in F and Cl are issued during strombolian eruptions, while those halogens are less concentrated in hot gas after strombolian eruptions. The water-insoluble Cl content of the “strombolian eruption” group is significantly higher than those of the other groups. This result implies that Cl and the other volatiles are intensely released from magma during the doming period before vulcanian eruptions.

Yet, it is inferred that continuous ash eruption is the final phase of vulcanian one.


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