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A comparative study of the bottomside profile parameters over Wuhan with IRI-2001 for 1999–2004

Earth, Planets and Space200658:BF03351957

  • Received: 30 August 2005
  • Accepted: 25 October 2005
  • Published:


The diurnal, seasonal, and solar activity variations of the bottomside ionospheric profile parameters B0 and B1 are studied using electron density profiles measured over Wuhan (30.4°N, 114.4°E) of China with a DGS- 256 Digisonde during 1999–2004. Comparisons are made with the International Reference Ionosphere model (IRI-2001) using both the standard option (B0-Tab and B1-Tab) and the Gulyaeva’s option (B0-Gul and B1- Gul). The results show that: (1) observed B0 has distinct diurnal and seasonal variations, while observed B1 changes little with season. The value of B0 is larger in summer than that in equinox and winter, especially for daytime. In winter and equinox, B0 also presents morning and afternoon collapses as reported by Lei et al. (2004). (2) B0 increases about 18.6 km from low solar activity (LSA) to high solar activity (HSA). B1 in HSA is smaller than that in LSA before 10:00 LT and with an opposite tendency during the rest time. (3) Observed B0 is in better agreement with B0-Gul than with B0-Tab, though the B0-Gul overestimates during 09:00 to 17:00 LT in equinox and summer. B0-Tab is 12–20 km larger than the observations over Wuhan almost all the time.

Meanwhile, B1-Tab is in good agreement with the observations.

Key words

  • Low latitude ionosphere
  • DGS-256 Digisonde
  • IRI model
  • modeling and forecasting