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Volume 58 Supplement 6

Special Issue: Ground Magnetic Observations: New technologies and the role in understanding the Earth System

Report on upgrade of NIS magnetic observatories by the INTAS infrastructure action CRENEGON


We present the overall strategy used to upgrade 9 former USSR observatories to INTERMAGNET standards. The following aspects are discussed: application for funding to the INTAS European ad-hoc agency, choice of observatories to upgrade, choice of the instrumentation to purchase and to install, calibration of the instrumentation and used standards, back-ups, installation of the instrumentation and observatory real estate upgrade, acquisition and communication, training of the observers and documentation, evaluation of the upgrades and management of the project. Several observatories were successfully upgraded and we expect their INTERMAGNET certification soon.


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Rasson, J.L., Potapov, A.S., Korepanov, V.E. et al. Report on upgrade of NIS magnetic observatories by the INTAS infrastructure action CRENEGON. Earth Planet Sp 58, 717–722 (2006).

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