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Volume 58 Supplement 6

Special Issue: Ground Magnetic Observations: New technologies and the role in understanding the Earth System

Influence of magnetic field variations on measurements by magnetometers using averaging algorithms


The article is devoted to features of modulus magnetic field measurements by means of proton magnetometers. Inertial characteristics of the magnetometers and dynamic errors of variable magnetic field measurements are discussed. Three basic magnetometers averaging algorithms, processing zero crossing times of free precession, are compared. Theoretical and some numerical estimations of the algorithms work are presented for the linear, square and harmonic variations of magnetic field.


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Denisova, O., Sapunov, V. & Denisov, A. Influence of magnetic field variations on measurements by magnetometers using averaging algorithms. Earth Planet Sp 58, 731–734 (2006).

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  • Proton magnetometer
  • data processing
  • absolute measurements