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Automation of absolute measurement of the geomagnetic field

Earth, Planets and Space200759:BF03352041

Received: 21 December 2006

Accepted: 19 July 2007

Published: 28 September 2007


In this paper a device is presented to measure the geomagnetic field vector absolutely and automatically. In contrast to the standard DI-Flux measurement procedure our automation approach is based on the rotation of a three-component fluxgate magnetometer about precisely monitored axes without using a non-magnetic theodolite. This method is particularly suitable for automation because it only requires exact knowledge of the axes orientations. Apart from this, requirements on mechanical precision are moderate. The design of the facility is presented, and mechanical, optical and magnetic limitations are discussed. First promising results of measuring the Earth’s magnetic field absolutely and automatically with the new device at Niemegk observatory are discussed.

Key words

Automation of absolute measurementgeomagnetic field