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Occurrence of quasi-periodic slow-slip off the east coast of the Boso peninsula, Central Japan


An analysis of Global Positioning System (GPS) data revealed south-southeastward transient deformation caused by the expected slow-slip near the Boso peninsula, central Japan, approximately 5 years after a similar event in 2002. An area of aseismic slip with a moment magnitude of 6.6 was estimated off the Boso peninsula, adjacent to the area of associated seismic activity. The 2007 aseismic slip started from around August 10, expanded slightly to the north, and gradually ceased activity over a period of about 10 days. This rupture process is different from those of the last two events in which the slow-slip area moved from north to south. However, the three slow-slip events detected by the GPS array verify the hypothesis that the Boso slow-slips occur quasi-periodically in a certain area, accompanied by seismic swarms. The factors causing the slight differences in the rupture process, magnitude, recurrence time, and slip area among the observed slow-slip events remain unclear.


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