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First results of auroral tomography from ALIS-Japan multi-station observations in March, 1995


Auroral tomography observations have been carried out in March, 1995, as a joint international campaign between Sweden and Japan. Three unmanned Swedish ALIS stations (Kiruna, Merasjärvi, Tjautjas) and two Japanese JICCD sites (Abisko, Nikkaluokta), geographically separated by about 50 km at higher latitudes, were operated to capture multi-station monochromatic tomography images at 557.7 nm wavelength using CCD cameras. All cameras were pointing to one of the predetermined directions to secure a common field of view. Several images of auroral arcs, mostly for the core region right above Kiruna, have synchronously been taken by the multi-station imaging system. Tomographic inversion analysis for four-point images was carried out using the algebraic reconstruction technique. Reconstructions of a curved arc and of a double arc system suggest promising application of this technique to the retrieval of three-dimensional auroral luminosity.


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