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Characteristics of atmospheric density spectra in the mesopause region at Wuhan, China during March 1996

Earth, Planets and Space201450:BF03352124

  • Received: 13 September 1997
  • Accepted: 20 February 1998
  • Published:


Sodium layers (75–105 km) were measured by Na lidar on three nights from 1 to 3 of March 1996. The lidar data were used to calculate the Na density profiles and the atmospheric density spectra. The vertical wave number spectra exhibit power-law shapes with average slopes of −2.38 and magnitude at m =2π/(3 km) of 8.40 × 105 (m2s−2)/(cyc/m) in the mesopause region.


  • Lidar
  • Gravity Wave
  • Lidar System
  • Mesopause Region
  • Sodium Layer