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A case study of whistlers recorded at Varanasi (L = 1.07)


Large number of high dispersion whistlers recorded at low latitude station Varanasi (L = 1.07) are analysed and it is find out that they have propagated along L 2.12–2.76. This is explained by considering the propagation of whistlers through the earth-ionosphere wave guide after exiting from the duct towards the equator. Using diffusive equilibrium model (DE-1), we have estimated equatorial electron density, total electron content in a flux tube and large scale convective electric fields which are in good agreement with the results reported by other workers from the analysis of mid latitude whistlers. The significance of this paper is to probe mid latitude plasmasphere using whistlers recorded at low latitudes. Further, an attempt has been made to study the propagation mechanism of low latitude whistlers.


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  • Total Electron Content
  • Whistler Wave
  • Ionospheric Path
  • Equatorial Electron Density
  • Group Travel Time