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MOISE: A pilot experiment towards long term sea-floor geophysical observatories

  • Barbara Romanowicz1Email author,
  • Debra Stakes2,
  • Jean Paul Montagner3,
  • Pascal Tarits5,
  • Robert Uhrhammer1,
  • Michael Begnaud2,
  • Eleonore Stutzmann3,
  • Michael Pasyanos1,
  • Jean-Francois Karczewski4,
  • Steven Etchemendy2 and
  • Douglas Neuhauser1
Earth, Planets and Space201450:BF03352188

Received: 6 May 1998

Accepted: 21 September 1998

Published: 6 June 2014


We describe the scientific purposes and experimental set-up of an international deployment of a 3 component broadband seismometer package on the ocean floor in Monterey Bay which took place during the summer of 1997. Highlights of this experiment were the installation, performed using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the underwater connection of the different components of the package, and the successful retrieval of 3 months of broadband seismic and auxiliary data. Examples of recordings of teleseisms and regional earthquakes are presented and the background noise characteristics are discussed, in comparison with those of near-by broadband land sites, current-meter data from the vicinity of the ocean bottom package, as well as pressure data from deeper ocean sites.


Seismic NoiseOcean BottomBroadband SeismometerBroadband Seismic StationInfragravity Wave