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Helium observation in the Martian ionosphere by an X-ray ultraviolet scanner on Mars orbiter NOZOMI

  • M. Nakamura1Email author,
  • K. Yamashita2,
  • I. Yoshikawa3,
  • K. Shiomi1,
  • A. Yamazaki1,
  • S. Sasaki4,
  • Y. Takizawa1,
  • M. Hirahara5,
  • W. Miyake6,
  • Y. Saito3 and
  • S. Chakrabarti7
Earth, Planets and Space201451:BF03352210

Received: 8 August 1997

Accepted: 21 September 1998

Published: 6 June 2014


We have built an X-ray ultraviolet (XUV) scanner on board Mars orbiter NOZOMI (Planet-B). This scanner has the He I and II emissions from the Martian atmosphere and ionosphere as its main target. These EUV emissions provide important information for the study of both Martian geological history and the interaction between solar wind and the Martian ionosphere. The XUV scanner will be operated in the parking orbit around the earth and also in the transfer orbit to Mars, where the terrestrial plasmasphere and interplanetary emissions will be studied.


Solar WindSolar Wind SpeedMartian AtmosphereParking OrbitMartian Ionosphere