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A hybridized mixed finite element domain decomposed method for two dimensional magnetotelluric modelling

Earth, Planets and Space201451:BF03352233

  • Received: 13 April 1998
  • Accepted: 16 February 1999
  • Published:


A numerical algorithm to solve the 2D forward problem in magnetotellurics is presented. The method solves Maxwell’s equations as a first order system of partial differential equations employing an iterative hybridized mixed domain decomposed finite element procedure. Absorbing boundary conditions are used on the artificial boundaries, diminishing undesired reflection effects and allowing the use of substantially smaller computational domains. Although the algorithm presented can be implemented onboth serial and parallel computers, its capabilities are fully utilized on the latters. Results obtained on an IBM SP/2 parallel supercomputer of Purdue University are shown. Also the accuracy of the numerical method is verified by comparison with both numerical and analytical solutions provided by well known methods.


  • Domain Decomposition
  • Domain Decomposition Method
  • Absorb Boundary Condition
  • Finite Element Space
  • Interior Boundary