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The contribution of GLONASS measurements to regional and continental scale geodetic monitoring regimes

Earth, Planets and Space201452:BF03352299

  • Received: 6 December 1999
  • Accepted: 15 May 2000
  • Published:


Throughout late 1998 and early 1999, the International GLONASS Experiment (IGEX) has delivered the first comprehensive inter-continental dual frequency GLONASS data set. This experiment represents the first opportunity to assess how a second global satellite positioning system could complement existing GPS geodetic infrastructure. Based on analysis of a three station network of IGEX stations from Southern Hemisphere IGEX stations, this paper discusses the internal and external precision of long baseline GPS, GLONASS and combined GPS/GLONASS solutions, and the possible contribution of GLONASS to future regional-scale geodetic work.


  • Baseline Length
  • Double Difference
  • GLONASS Satellite
  • Baseline Solution
  • International Earth Rotation Service