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Volume 52 Supplement 11

Special Issue: Application of GPS and other space geodetic techniques to Earth Sciences (2)

Sensing atmospheric structure: Tropospheric tomographic results of the small-scale GPS campaign at the Onsala Space Observatory


Tropospheric tomography using data from local networks of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers is producing encouraging spatio-temporal representations of the wet refractivity field. In this work we present the results from a small-scale geodetic experiment that we carried out at the Onsala Space Observatory. Seven GPS receivers distributed within a radius of 3 km from the center, were deployed during 21 days in the summer 1998. The limited number of sites and their spatial configuration present a challenge for tropospheric tomography. Using novel GPS techniques to determine the vertical structure of the atmosphere, we observed, for one session, a strong horizontal water-vapor gradient with a leading edge at higher altitude than the trailing edge, entering from the north. The vertical structure obtained independently using tomographic techniques matched such situation. These results suggest tomography is a promising technique for the determination of the spatio-temporal structure of the atmosphere. We will present preliminary results of the tropospheric tomography, using simulations and experimental data, together with some comparisons with radiosonde data.


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