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Volume 52 Supplement 11

Special Issue: Application of GPS and other space geodetic techniques to Earth Sciences (2)

Crustal deformation associated with the 1998 seismo-volcanic crisis of Iwate Volcano, Northeastern Japan, as observed by a dense GPS network


Mt. Iwate (2,038 m) is an active volcano located in northeastern Japan. Unrest of the volcano started in September, 1995 with intermediate-depth tremors. The shallow seismicity gradually became active in February, 1998, accompanying the notable crustal deformation observed by a dense GPS network. The pattern of the horizontal displacements is characterized by radially directing outward from the volcano. We estimated the source position by inversion analyses for every two-months period, assuming two models; a point pressure source (Mogi model) and a tensile fault. The comparison of AIC’s for the two models indicates that the latter is proper from February to April, while the former is preferable afterward. The tensile fault was located at about 5 km WSW of the summit and 3 km in depth, then a Mogi source was estimated at the western neighbor of the tensile fault in the successive period and moved westward as far as 10 km W of the summit with shallowing its depth. It should be noted that the seismic area also expanded westward in the same period. This synchronicity suggests that the both phenomena were caused by a movement of magma from the deeper part beneath the summit to the western shallower part.


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