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Volume 52 Supplement 11

Special Issue: Application of GPS and other space geodetic techniques to Earth Sciences (2)

GPS measurement at summit peaks of the Taisetsu mountains, Central Hokkaido, Japan


To investigate the precise crustal deformation in the Taisetsu mountains, Central Hokkaido, Japan, we have conducted GPS survey in 1998 and 1999. The coordinates at summit peaks of the mountain chain, horizontal displacements and strain are evaluated in this period. Major results are summarized as (1) horizontal displacements at the summit peaks are about 2 cm in the direction of north, (2) horizontal strain is estimated to be compressional in the NW-SE direction. Although the precision of the estimates awaits for the future survey, this results are consistent with the direction of the compressional axes of focal mechanism solutions of local earthquakes in the surrounding region and with the deformation vector by the triangulation in central Hokkaido.


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Kaneso, T., Koyama, J., Moriya, T. et al. GPS measurement at summit peaks of the Taisetsu mountains, Central Hokkaido, Japan. Earth Planet Sp 52, 1019–1021 (2000).

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  • Compressional Axis
  • Horizontal Displacement
  • Crustal Deformation
  • Focal Mechanism Solution
  • Mountain Chain