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Volume 52 Supplement 11

Special Issue: Application of GPS and other space geodetic techniques to Earth Sciences (2)

Ice velocities of the Lambert Glacier from static GPS observations


Between 1988 and 1995, five seasons of Global Positioning System (GPS) data were collected at seventy-three locations near the 2500 metre contour of the Lambert Glacier Drainage Basin (LGB). These data have been processed using GAMIT/GlobK software to determine surface velocities at the surveyed sites. Results show that velocities along the traverse route vary between 0.5 ma−1 and 63 ma−1 with the location of the major outlet glaciers inside the LGB clearly identifiable within the data. A subset of the LGB GPS data has been studied to investigate an efficient method for determination of ice velocities at remote sites within a single field season. Results from this study have shown that ice velocities within 2% of the long-term estimate may be determined using two to four hour GPS site occupations separated in time by a minimum of forty days.


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