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Volume 52 Supplement 11

Special Issue: Application of GPS and other space geodetic techniques to Earth Sciences (2)

The search for postglacial rebound near the Lambert Glacier, Antarctica


A GPS network has been installed to monitor vertical crustal movement in the Lambert Glacier region, East Antarctica. The program commenced in January 1998 with a solar-powered GPS system installed at Beaver Lake. Solar-powered observations were also made late in the Antarctic summer of 1999. In January 2000, two new solar-powered sites will be installed to expand the monitoring network. In addition, we will be installing a hydrogen fuel cell power system at Beaver Lake to enable the equipment to operate throughout the winter months when solar power is not available. In this paper we outline the equipment which has been developed in order to operate remote GPS equipment in Antarctica, provide predictions of the expected rate of rebound and comment on preliminary results from the data collected to date.


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