Open Access

Characteristics of TEC variations observed at Chofu for geomagnetic storms

  • A. Yamamoto1Email author,
  • Y. Ohta2,
  • T. Okuzawa2,
  • S. Taguchi2,
  • I. Tomizawa3 and
  • T. Shibata2
Earth, Planets and Space201452:BF03352333

Received: 14 January 2000

Accepted: 25 August 2000

Published: 24 June 2014


Since the middle of 1996, we have made a routine observation of TEC using GPS in Chofu (35.65°N, 139.54°E), Tokyo. We examine in this paper the relationship between the perturbation components of TEC and geomagnetic field variations during 11 storm events for 1997–1998 to clarify the mid-latitude characteristics of TEC variations at the time of magnetic storms. The perturbation components of TEC were derived every 20 seconds by subtracting quiet-time TEC values which are estimated as the average of both 3 days just before and after the storm period. The magnetic field data from Memambetsu Magnetic Observatory (45.92°N, 144.20°E) are used for the identification of the storm-time variations. Our results show that (1) the amplitude level of the TEC variation tends to increase during the first 24 hr of storm and then decrease below its usual-day level with recovery in one or two days later for the typical magnetic storm, and (2) during a negative-value phase of the TEC variation, which follows the initial positive hump structure, the perturbation amplitude of TEC shows a remarkable reduction in summer compared to in winter.