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Volume 52 Supplement 12

Special Issue: Geomagnetic Field Modelling and IGRF 2000

Evaluation of the candidate Main Field model for IGRF 2000 derived from preliminary Ørsted data


On this occasion the selection of the IGRF for 2000 was left to a small Task Force. Before it was accepted by the Task Force as IGRF 2000, the final candidate model (a truncated version of Ørsted(10c/99)) was compared with a comprehensive set of independent surface and satellite data. The method, data selection, and results of this comparison are described.


  • Langlais, B. and M. Mandea, An IGRF candidate main geomagnetic field model for epoch 2000 and a secular variation model for 2000–2005, Earth Planets Space, 52, this issue, 1137–1148, 2000.

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  • Lowes, F. J., The working of the IGRF 2000 Task Force, Earth Planets Space, 52, this issue, 1171–1174, 2000.

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Lowes, F.J., Bondar, T., Golovkov, V.P. et al. Evaluation of the candidate Main Field model for IGRF 2000 derived from preliminary Ørsted data. Earth Planet Sp 52, 1183–1186 (2000).

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