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Open Access

Evaluation of the candidate Main Field model for IGRF 2000 derived from preliminary Ørsted data

  • F. J. Lowes1Email author,
  • T. Bondar2,
  • V. P. Golovkov2,
  • B. Langlais3,
  • S. Macmillan4 and
  • M. Mandea3
Earth, Planets and Space201452:BF03352350

Received: 14 February 2000

Accepted: 24 May 2000

Published: 24 June 2014


On this occasion the selection of the IGRF for 2000 was left to a small Task Force. Before it was accepted by the Task Force as IGRF 2000, the final candidate model (a truncated version of Ørsted(10c/99)) was compared with a comprehensive set of independent surface and satellite data. The method, data selection, and results of this comparison are described.


Candidate ModelScalar DataEarth Planet SpaceRepeat StationLongitude Sector