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Small electric and magnetic signals observed before the arrival of seismic wave

  • Y. Honkura1Email author,
  • M. Matsushima1,
  • N. Oshiman2,
  • M. K. Tunçer3,
  • Ş. Bariş3,
  • A. Ito4,
  • Y. Iio2 and
  • A. M. Işikara3
Earth, Planets and Space201454:BF03352449

Received: 10 September 2002

Accepted: 6 December 2002

Published: 21 June 2014


Electric and magnetic data were obtained above the focal area in association with the 1999 Izmit, Turkey earthquake. The acquired data are extremely important for studies of electromagnetic phenomena associated with earthquakes, which have attracted much attention even without clear physical understanding of their characteristics. We have already reported that large electric and magnetic variations observed during the earthquake were simply due to seismic waves through the mechanism of seismic dynamo effect, because they appeared neither before nor simultaneously with the origin time of the earthquake but a few seconds later, with the arrival of seismic wave. In this letter we show the result of our further analyses. Our detailed examination of the electric and magnetic data disclosed small signals appearing less than one second before the large signals associated with the seismic waves. It is not yet solved whether this observational fact is simply one aspect of the seismic dynamo effect or requires a new mechanism.