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Precise hypocenter locations of midcrustal low-frequency earthquakes beneath Mt. Fuji, Japan


Midcrustal low-frequency earthquakes (MLFs) have been observed at seismic stations around Mt. Fuji, Japan. In September–December 2000 and April–May 2001, abnormally high numbers of MLFs occurred. We located hypocenters for the 80 MLFs during 1998–2003 by using the hypoDD earthquake location program (Waldhauser and Ellsworth, 2000). The MLF hypocenters define an ellipsoidal volume some 5 km in diameter ranging from 11 to 16 km in focal depth. This volume is centered 3 km northeast of the summit and its long axis is directed NW-SE. The direction of the axis coincides with the major axis of tectonic compression around Mt. Fuji. The center of the MLF epicenters gradually migrated upward and 2–3 km from southeast to northwest during 1998–2001. We interpret that the hypocentral migration of MLFs reflects magma movement associated with a NW-SE oriented dike beneath Mt. Fuji.


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