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Volume 57 Supplement 4

Special Issue: Special Section for the 2004 off the Kii peninsula earthquakes (2)

An improvement of GPS height estimations: stochastic modeling


The results of GPS positioning depend on both functional and stochastic models. In most of the current GPS processing programs, however, the stochastic model that describes the statistical properties of GPS observations is usually assumed that all GPS measurements have the same accuracy and are statistically independent. Such assumptions are unrealistic. Although there were only a few studies modeling the effects on the GPS relative positioning, they are restricted to short baselines and short session lengths. In this paper, the stochastic modeling for IGS long-baseline positioning (with 24-hour session) is analyzed in the GAMIT software by modified stochastic models. Results show that any mis-specifications of stochastic model result in unreliable GPS baseline results, and the deviation of baseline estimations reaches as much as 2 cm in the height component. Using the stochastic model of satellite elevation angle-based cosine function, the precision of GPS baseline estimations can be improved, and the GPS baseline component is closest to the reference values, especially GPS height.


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