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Sq and sfe currents at equatorial stations along the western and eastern African sectors


The paper describes the daily variations in the Sq and sfe induced ionospheric current at the equatorial stations of Addis-Ababa (Inclination: 1.0°; Declination: 1.5°) and M’Bour (Inclination: 9.0°; Declination: −9.3°). At Addis-Ababa, the diurnal SqH loop as well as sfe H currents aligned fairly well with the direction of declination. At M’Bour, the SqH as well as the sfe H vector were along the direction of about 30°W. Thus, in the region of an abnormally large declination at equatorial stations, the daily Sq current does not follow a direction normal to the declination.


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Rastogi, R.G. Sq and sfe currents at equatorial stations along the western and eastern African sectors. Earth Planet Sp 58, 1475–1478 (2006).

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Key words

  • Solar flare currents
  • meridional ionospheric currents