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Source modeling of the 2005 off-shore Miyagi prefecture, Japan, earthquake (MJMA=7.2) using the empirical Green’s function method

Earth, Planets and Space200758:BF03352661

  • Received: 30 November 2005
  • Accepted: 11 September 2006
  • Published:


A preliminary source model composed of asperities for the 2005 off-shore Miyagi prefecture, Japan, earthquake (MJMA=7.2) was estimated by the empirical Green’s function method. The source parameters for two asperities located on the fault plane were determined by comparing synthesized broad-band ground motions with observed ones at several stations. We concluded that the stress parameters of the asperities are very high (90 MPa for Asp-1,300 MPa for Asp-2) and that these values are nearly equal to those (73 MPa and 29 MPa) calculated by the Earthquake Research Committee (2005) in Japan for the off-shore Miyagi prefecture earthquake that is expected in the near future. However, the location of the asperities is not completely consistent with the expected event.

Key words

  • 2005 Off-shore Miyagi prefecture earthquake
  • source model
  • asperity
  • forward modeling
  • empirical Green’s function method