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Paleomagnetism of the Ishikoshi Andesite: a Middle Miocene paleomagnetic pole for northeastern Japan and tectonic implications


To determine a Middle Miocene paleomagnetic pole for northeastern Japan and discuss its tectonic implications, we obtained new paleomagnetic results from Middle Miocene (about 14 Ma) dacite and andesite flows of the Ishikoshi Andesite. Characteristic remanent magnetizations were isolated from 12 lava sites by means of detailed alternating field and thermal demagnetizations. Analysis of demagnetization results and rock magnetic experiments indicated that magnetite or Ti-poor titanomagnetite is the main magnetic carrier. We obtained a formation mean direction (D = 9.2°, I = 65.9°, α95 = 7.3°, k = 40.5, N = 11) and compared it with published paleomagnetic results from other areas of northeastern Japan to discuss tectonic rotation. This comparison provided a mean paleomagnetic pole (85.9°N, 236.6°E, A95 = 6.2°, K = 115.9, N = 6) that we consider represents the Middle Miocene pole for northeastern Japan. It is statistically indistinguishable from coeval poles for southwestern Japan, South Korea, and northern China, and we therefore conclude that northeastern Japan as a whole has not been subjected to tectonic rotation since the Middle Miocene. A reassessment of geologic and paleomagnetic data suggests that a previous model of the Late Miocene or later counterclockwise rotation of northeastern Japan is based on tilt-uncorrected paleomagnetic directions from tilted rock units.


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