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Shear-driven kinetic Alfven wave in the plasma sheet boundary layer

Earth, Planets and Space201460:BF03352782

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Shear-driven kinetic Alfven waves (KAWs) at the plasma sheet boundary layer (PSBL) were investigated for substorm events in the presence of a parallel electric field using the general loss-cone distribution function. Using a kinetic approach, we derived the expressions for dispersion relation and growth length of the KAW in the presence of the parallel electric field using the general loss-cone distribution function for both, weak and strong shear regimes. The frequency of the KAW obtained is in agreement with observed values of 0.1–4 Hz in the PSBL. The results explain the generation of the energetic KAWs at the PSBL by the shear at substorm onset. The parallel electric field associated with the energetic KAWs at substorm onset may heat the field-aligned electrons, leading to parallel electron energisation that ultimately causes an intense aurora. The electric field along magnetic field lines enhances the frequency of KAW but decreases the growth length in the case of weak shear. We also found that the parallel electric field can reflect KAW towards the PSBL. The loss-cone distribution index changes the profiles of frequency and growth length plots of the shear-driven KAW. Hence, the loss-cone distribution function is an important factor in the excitation of KAW in the active region of the magnetosphere, such as the PSBL and the auroral acceleration region.

Key words

  • Kinetic Alfven wave
  • velocity shear
  • loss-cone distribution function
  • parallel electric field
  • plasma sheet boundary layer
  • magnetic substorm