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Volume 60 Supplement 4

Special Issue: Lunar Science with the SELENE “Kaguya” Mission-Prelaunch Studies-

Ground calibration of the high-sensitivity SELENE lunar magnetometer LMAG


Ground calibration experiments of the SELENE high sensitivity fluxgate Lunar Magnetometer (LMAG) have been performed in order to determine the alignment, sensitivity, and offset of the sensors (MGF-S). It is checked out that the sensors are orthogonal to each other within 0.4 degrees, and the linearity of the ambient magnetic field and the output from the sensors are confirmed. Also, the temperature dependences of the offset and sensitivity are examined but no clear signatures of temperature dependencies can be seen. SELENE has an in-flight calibration system in order to determine the direction of the magnetometer routinely. The magnetic fields generated by the sensor alignment monitor coil (SAM-C) system are used for the in-flight calibration. The magnetic field distributions generated by SAM-C are determined and the accuracy of determination of the magnetometer position and direction is estimated. Multiple measurements will allow us to determine the direction of MGF-S with about 0.1-degree accuracy. Appropriate corrections from the results of the ground and in-flight calibrations will allow us to recover the magnetic field near the moon with accuracy about 0.1 nT.


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