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Volume 60 Supplement 4

Special Issue: Lunar Science with the SELENE “Kaguya” Mission-Prelaunch Studies-

Estimation of the lunar reflectance by ground-based observation using a tunable liquid-crystal filter telescope


Lunar reflectance data are useful not only for lithological identification of the lunar surface but also for radiometric calibration and determination of exposure time for optical sensors of lunar probes. To gain data on lunar reflectance, we acquired multi-band images (five bands: 650, 750, 900, 950, and 1000 nm) of the lunar surface and those of some standard stars using a liquid-crystal tunable filter (LCTF) telescope located on the peak of Mt. Haleakala (Hawaii, USA). The data obtained indicate that the reflectance data of Clementine UV/VIS is too high and that the correction factor is 0.59±0.06 at 950 nm. Our new reflectance data are available to the public at the web site of one of authors (K.S.). We report here our method of deriving the lunar reflectance images from the ground-based observation with a hyperspectral telescope for the users of our reflectance data. The results suggest that ground-based observation is more suitable for the radiometric calibration of the sensor of a lunar probe than laboratory data.


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