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TEC anomalies—Local TEC changes prior to earthquakes or TEC response to solar and geomagnetic activity changes?

Earth, Planets and Space200860:BF03352851

Received: 7 January 2008

Accepted: 25 June 2008

Published: 15 October 2008


A number of papers have reported on deviations of daily values of the maximum electron concentration of the ionospheric F2 layer and/or total electron content (TEC) in the vicinity of an earthquake’s epicenter some time prior to the quake. Owing to the importance of this problem, a question of a “locality” of those effects is emerging. To study this issue we have developed a method based on the calculation of global electron content and of local electron content in “check-region” with low seismic activity. The effect of TEC day-to-day changes before strong earthquakes is analyzed in this work. It is shown that in some cases this effect might be a reflection of global changes of the ionization caused by the 27-day variations as well as other fast alterations due to solar and geomagnetic activity changes. We discuss the problem of certain data corrections that permit local changes to be distinguished from global ones.

Key words

Ionospheretotal electron contentglobal electron contentseismo-ionospheric phenomenaearthquakes precursorssolar activity