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Development of a distributed backup system and a recovery system for telemetric seismic data


Fast, low-cost Internet lines have recently become available that rapidly transfer seismometer data. However, as in any fast transfer system, gaps frequently occur during data transmission. There are many causes for missing data packets at the receiving end, where is the data center side. I have developed a system that is meant to solve this problem. When the telemetry or the system is down at the data center end, data recovery is possible if the data are stored locally at each station. This means that the missing data can be re-sent after the required repairs have been made at the data center end. Therefore, I developed a concept of a distributed backup system that can store seismometer data for over 1 year locally at each station and developed a new protocol called “WIN Raw Data Recovery Protocol (WRRP)” for the efficient re-transmission of missing data.


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  • WIN Raw Data Recovery Protocol (WRRP)
  • distributed backup system
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  • WIN system
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