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Influence of the foreshock of the Earth’s bow shock on the interplanetary shock propagation during their mutual interaction

Earth, Planets and Space200961:BF03352933

Received: 27 October 2007

Accepted: 14 April 2008

Published: 29 May 2009


Interplanetary shocks have been recognized as a very efficient source of geomagnetic disturbances. We present a short study of the propagation of one interplanetary (IP) shock observed by five spacecraft located in the solar wind far upstream of the Earth’s bow shock as well as in its close vicinity. The IP shock normal was highly inclined from the Sun-Earth line and thus the IP shock-bow shock interaction started at the flank. We have found a significant evolution of IP shock parameters during its motion along the bow shock. This modification is discussed and attributed to the presence of strong fluxes of energetic particles in the foreshock.

Key words

Solar wind-magnetosphere interactionupstream conditionsinterplanetary shockforeshock