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Prehistorical archaeomagnetic directions from Hungary in comparison with those from south-eastern Europe

Earth, Planets and Space201061:BF03352988

  • Received: 6 October 2008
  • Accepted: 27 August 2009
  • Published:


Since the beginning of the modern archaeomagnetic investigations in Hungary in the nineteen seventies, some directional data of various prehistorical ages have also accumulated beside a larger body of the historical results. These are presented here and compared with 1) coeval directional results which are available from south-eastern Europe, as well as 2) the predictions of geomagnetic field directions for Hungary of the global geomagnetic field model, CALS7K.2. The comparison with the south-eastern European data has lead to new archaeomagnetic dates for one of the studied archaeological features which are thought to be an improvement to the presently accepted radiometric dates.

Key words

  • Archaeomagnetism
  • geomagnetic secular variation