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Feasibility study of the geoelectric structure of the Araguainha impact, Brazil

Earth, Planets and Space201454:BF03353048

  • Received: 7 December 2000
  • Accepted: 4 October 2001
  • Published:


We have re-examined the modelling of magnetotelluric and GDS soundings carried out on the Araguainha Dome, Brazil, published a few years ago, in the light of a new modelling method and with particular stress on the induction of the vertical component of the magnetic field, which had been neglected in the early publications. By careful selection of the period range of the measured data, we obtain a set of radially symmetric induction arrows. This symmetry is taken as a first order assumption of the modelling scheme. The result is an improvement of the resolution of the radial distribution of depths to the crater basement. Due to the poor MT site coverage of the crater area, this work must be considered a feasibility study rather than a final modelling contribution.


  • Apparent Resistivity
  • Impact Crater
  • Radial Symmetry
  • Sediment Thickness
  • Walsh Function