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Volume 51 Supplement 7-8

Special Issue: Dynamics and Structure of the Mesopause Region (DYSMER)

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Mesospheric winds derived from SuperDARN HF radar meteor echoes at Halley, Antarctica


Mesospheric winds are derived from HF radar observations of meteor echoes at Halley (76°S, 27°W), Antarctica. These meteor echoes are observed within the first range gates of the radar (less than 500 km) and are characterised by lower spectral widths than echoes backscattered from plasma irregularities in the E region of the ionosphere. The derived winds show first order agreement with mesospheric winds measured independently over Halley. Gravity wave signatures (e.g. <2-h period) and smaller-scale structure in the winds are revealed within the spatiotemporal data formed by the 16 beams. A data base of such observations is being built up from existing radar data extending over nearly a full solar cycle from 1988 to the present day.


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