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Generation of radial electric field in the process of full reconnection by kinetic kink mode

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Earth, Planets and Space201453:BF03353271

  • Received: 28 June 2000
  • Accepted: 21 March 2001
  • Published:


Effects of density gradient on the kinetic m = 1 (m/n = 1/1) internal kink mode in a cylindrical tokamak plasma are studied by the gyro-kinetic particle simulations. When the density gradient is not large enough to change the full reconnection process, the phenomena after the full reconnection, such as the plasma flow and the secondary reconnection, are changed considerably due to the self-generated radial electric field, i.e. the m/n = 0/0 mode. The growing mechanism is explained by the difference of E × B drift motion between ions and electrons, which is caused by the fast parallel motion of electron.


  • Magnetic Reconnection
  • Linear Growth Rate
  • Radial Electric Field
  • Kink Mode
  • Electron Inertia