Open Access

Seemingly intersecting flaring loops in microwaves: Possible radio evidence for reconnection

Earth, Planets and Space201453:BF03353275

Received: 18 May 2000

Accepted: 7 September 2000

Published: 26 June 2014


We present possible radio evidence of magnetic reconnection in a solar flare—an LDE event of GOES class M3.2 that was observed on 1999 February 16 on the disk. Our evidence is based upon the facts that we observed a bright microwave source-blob at 17 and 34 GHz near the intersection of two seemingly intersecting flaring loops or as a loop-top source above one flaring loop. The bright microwave source is clearly non-thermal and its time profile is similar to those of the flaring footpoint microwave sources; and in the late decay phase of the event the microwave source structure is similar to that of the corresponding SXR source.


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