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Determination of the magnetic loop configuration of a solar flare


Observationally derived three-dimensional magnetic loop structures of solar flares tell us what type of magnetic configurations is actually responsible for the reconnection/energy release in solar flares. So far, the loop configuration has been discussed on a rather schematic basis, because of insufficient data coverage. However, now we have data obtained with various advanced instruments, which are essentially important to define the three-dimensional magnetic configuration of flare loops. In this paper, we briefly present how the loop configuration of the solar flares can be determined based on recent advanced observations. We focus on the flares caused by emerging flux activity in region NOAA 8100, which appeared in October–November 1997. We present here the presumed quadruple structure of the magnetic loops of the analyzed flares in three dimensions, and suggest that the emergence of small loops can give rise to large-scale phenomena like jets and CMEs.


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