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Volume 53 Supplement 6

Special Issue: Magnetic Reconnection in Space and Laboratory Plasmas

Global destabilization due to localized reconnection: A mechanism for coronal mass ejections


Solar CMEs are large scale eruptive phenomena, while flux emergence is a local event on the Sun. Our numerical simulations show that two categories of reconnection-favored emerging flux can trigger the destabilization and the ejection of the filament (i.e., CME): within the filament channel or on the outer edge of the channel, which confirms recent important observations by Feynman and Martin (1995). In particular for the latter category, numerical results show that there is a critical amount for the emerging flux, below which the flux rope eruption cannot be triggered. Our numerical model, for the first time, provides a physical explanation for the observed correlation between CMEs and the reconnection-favored emerging flux.


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