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Volume 54 Supplement 11

Special Issue: Slip and Flow Processes in and below the Seismogenic Region

Deep structure of the Nagamachi-Rifu fault deduced from small aperture seismic array observations


A seismic reflection survey using both explosives and vibrators was conducted in June 2001 around the Nagamachi-Rifu fault, northeastern Japan. We carried out observations of four small aperture seismic arrays in the area to reveal detailed structures of the fault. Array analysis was applied to waveform data from 15 explosives to obtain P-wave scatterer distributions in the area. The obtained P-wave scatterer distribution correlates in space with microearthquake activities and heterogeneous structures such as S-wave reflectors, a structure of caldera, and Mohorovicic discontinuity. We could also image that a sub-horizontal layer with a length of about 10 km exists in the deep extension of the Nagamachi-Rifu fault beneath the seismogenic layer.


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