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Volume 56 Supplement 2

Special Issue: Special section for IUGG workshop: Lithospheric Structure of a Supercontinent:Gondwana

Slip distribution of the 2003 northern Miyagi earthquake (M6.4) deduced from geodetic inversion


On July 26, 2003, a disastrous earthquake with M6.4 struck the northern part of Miyagi prefecture, northern Honshu, Japan. GPS measurements and leveling surveys conducted by the Geographical Survey Institute (GSI) revealed clear evidence of coseismic deformation. We analyzed those data using a geodetic inversion to estimate the slip distribution on a curved fault plane, which is suggested by precise hypocenter determination performed by Tohoku University. The maximum slip area is located at the northern and shallower part of the fault plane, which is consistent with the slip distribution obtained by seismic waveform inversion. The spatial pattern of slip direction also shows good agreement with that of the focal mechanism.


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