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Table 1 Countries that are associated with IUGONET activities

From: The capacity-building and science-enabling activities of the IUGONET for the solar-terrestrial research community

Access to MDDB (top ten countries) Mailing list
Japan (approximately 80%) Japan 126
USa Indiab 8
Germanya Indonesiab 5
Ukraine Taiwan 3
Austriab USa 3
Indiab Australia 2
Indonesiab China 2
Russia Finland 2
France Nigeria 2
China Brazil 1
(Others) Egypt 1
Germanya 1
Iraq 1
Korea 1
Malaysia 1
Thailand 1
  1. (Left) Top ten countries accessing the IUGONET MDDB. (Right) Nationalities of the participants in the IUGONET mailing list (as of 15 July 2014). aCountries cooperating in promoting research. bCountries that have received training seminars.