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Fig. 3

From: Mineralogy and noble gas isotopes of micrometeorites collected from Antarctic snow

Fig. 3

Bulk isotopic compositions of micrometeorites (MMs) studied. Isotopic ratios of a 21Ne/22Ne and b 3He/4He are plotted against 20Ne/22Ne ratios. The tie lines are two-component mixing lines calculated by using the isotopic and elemental compositions for the present-day solar wind (SW; Heber et al. 2009), implantation-fractionated SW (IFSW; Benkert et al. 1993), terrestrial atmosphere (Air; Ozima and Podosek 2002), Itokawa particles (Nagao et al. 2011), and a galactic cosmic ray (GCR)-produced component (Leya and Masarik 2009). MMs collected at the Yamato Mountains and near Dome Fuji Station (Osawa and Nagao 2002, Osawa et al. 2003a) showing 3He/4He ratios >5 × 10−4 are plotted for comparison, respectively

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